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Patrick, teamwear for champions

we believe you can reach every goal!
so believe in yourself and play like a champ!

Patrick is
a 9 year old soccer hero

Ambitious. Motivated. Talented. Patrick supports the next generation team players. Whether you are playing on a professional or recreational level, your outfit should allow you to go beyond your limits. Pick your favourite now and get the best out of every moment.

Patrick is
a 35 year old super coach

Passionate. Driven. Experienced. Patrick shares your passion for team sports at any level. Never compromise on quality or style when you are on the field or at the side-line. We believe that in the right outfit, you can make the difference.

Patrick is
A group of 15.000 fans, supporting their team in every condition

In for the win, with a never-giving-up mentality. These clubs trust on Patrick as their professional teamwear partner:

we believe in
quality and team satifaction

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