"Patrick, l'Esprit du Sport", originally a french brand, was founded in 1892 by Patrick Benetau. With a lifespan of over a hundred years, it can look back on an extremely rich history. At its peek in the 60ies, 70ies and 80ies, "Patrick" was widely known and was not only worn by famous soccer players like Platini, Keegan, Papin and Laudrup but also present in volley, rugby, cycling and squash.

Patrick and the 2 stripes

Patrice Marie Beneteau designed his very first pair of shoes in 1892 in Pozauges, a small village in the Vendée (France) As from the 20-ies Patrick also gets acquainted in cycling and boxing and not only in the famous soccer shoes. Already in 1929 Patrick discovers, as one of the first, the effect of sponsoring top sportspeople and stars. This strategy forms the foundation of their exponential growth. Stars like cyclist Jacques Anquetil and soccer players like Jean-Pierre Papin, Michel Platini and English topplayer Kevin Keegan were legendary devotees of Patrick. After World War II, he chooses to reform the brandname Patrice to Patrick. This name is receptive to all languages and this enables him to promote and to export the brand worldwide. Soon Patrice and his “chaussures techniques” will be the guaranty for reliability and innovation.


During the 30-ies, even yet before Adidas made use of the 3 stripes, Patrick introduces the 2 stripes and 3 stripes on their shoes. The 2 stripes and 3 stripes were born out of technical considerations. The stripes were used to strengthen the shoes in the front and at the back in order to avoid deformation of the shoe. Patrick was one of the pioneers in the world of brands that used this technique. As the shoes were technically improved the use of the stripes became more and more less functional rather than a matter of design. Around this period Patrick used more often 2 stripes rather than 3 stripes and together with the lion they became the identity of the brand Patrick.

Fashion Factory

In the meantime the 2 stripes became a recognizable statement throughout the teamwear and lifestyle collection of Patrick. In 2010 a heritage collection was launched in which a number of models out of the rich history of Patrick were reproduced in a limited edition.